Rohit is a talented individual coming out of Toronto. Rohit has been recognized for many of his achievements as a dancer, a choreographer and as an actor. His creations have influences from both traditional and modern elements.


Rohit, like every other kid growing up, enjoyed video games. However that passion still lives on as he finds himself occasionally being warped to magic worlds and realms via games and comics.


Rohit loves being competitive and it is this competitive nature that helps him excel in numerous sports. Rohit is also an avid watcher of various sports.


Rohit majored in Information Technology & Management from York University. He found himself growing up being fascinated with technology but secretly also has a love for math.


Rohit would like to share his passion for the arts globally. He is looking to bring his vision and creativity to as many people around the World as he can in the hopes to aspiring more artists.


Currently Rohit is collaborating with local artists to show his versatility in dance as well as his passion. He is also looking to create a space in which to share his vision in writing, acting and directing.


Look out for this talented individual as more of his work circulates.


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